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Getting the Best from Healing Essential Oils


Healing Essential Oils Quick & Easy DIY RecipesThere are a variety of different ways to harness the power of essential oils, it’s important to remember, though, that each essential oil has its own effective method of use. You should always check with your doctor about using essential oils. Some are suitable for internal use, while others are not.


Some essential oils can be diluted in water and then gargled or used as a mouthwash. This can help heal mouth wounds and cold sores. Not all essential oils are suitable for this, check before you do this.


If you want to boost your immune system, improve air quality, and fight bacteria in your home, then diffusing essential oils is the way forward. You can simply place a few drops in water and let your oil go. You can even create your very own air purifying recipe, oils like rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and cinnamon are the perfect choices to clear the air. essential oils the complete guide- Inexpensive, Plant-Based and Proven Answer to Health and Wellness


Two or three drops is all you need, along with a basin and a towel. Add your essential oil to hot water, toss the towel over your head and inhale through your mouth and nose. This can help break up mucus and relieve congestion.

Direct Inhalation

This is another method of inhalation. You can use cotton balls or tissues for this use. Simply place a drop or two of your essential oil onto the tissue and inhale (through your nose) two or three times. You can do this twice a day.


Using essential oils in massage therapy can be just as helpful as the other methods.

healing essential oils for aromatherapy massage This method will allow your body to slowly absorb the oil in a sort of time-released manner.H

Remember, your skin is your body’s largest organ. So, allowing for essential oils to penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream is a great way to do this. You will also be inhaling the smell during the course of the massage, so it’s a kind of two for one.

Remember, the essential oil needs to be added to a lotion or a carrier oil before it is applied to the skin. The oil is up to you, you can choose coconut oil or try jojoba oil instead. If you mix your essential oils with an unscented lotion, this is something you can wear every day. So, include lavender to keep stress at bay and then include some immune boosting options, too.

You can also use essential oils in the bath. Adding a few drops of your favorites will help you relieve congestion, beat stress, or help you get a good night’s sleep.

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Healing Essential Oil Blends

Back Pain - What You Can Do-courseTo make your life a tad easier, we have put together some recipes and uses for you to get started.

The Common Cold

You can combine two fantastic essential oils in a single bottle and use them for direct inhalation. While some people may sniff the bottle directly, it’s always wiser to put the drops on a tissue before you inhale it. The ideal common cold combo is six drops of rosemary oil combined with four drops of helichrysum. It’s one of the most effective combinations for relieving congestion. Just make sure that you give your bottle a shake before using it.

A Purifying Room Spray

If you want to purify your air, then a misting spray is perfect. Of course, you can also use this recipe in a diffuser. The choice is yours! You’ll need to start with four ounces of water, now add 10 drops of each of these essential oils: cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon. If you use this recipe as a spray, be sure to shake first.

Immune Diffuser

Essential oils have been used throughout history for various conditions, and general wellness and wellbeing.Remember, your diffuser will likely require water, so adjust the amounts of your essential oils as necessary. You’ll need equal parts lemon, peppermint, and lavender.

Not only will this support your immune system, it will keep your sinuses clear, too. This is a great option for the spring months, but if you need heavier support in the winter months, consider this: equal parts rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon oil and double peppermint. For ultimate immunity support, try equal parts wild orange, rosemary, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and clove.

Stress & Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep and managing your stress levels are key to supporting your immune system. So, we have two recipes to help you on these fronts. For stress, equal parts bergamot and frankincense. For a sweet sleep, equal parts vetiver, chamomile, and lavender.

Respiratory Blend

Alternative or complementary medicine may be better for you than traditional medicine alone.This one is simple, you just need 10 drops of balsam fir, five of sweet orange, and then 30 drops of ravensara/ravinstara oil. You can pop it into a diffuser or you can combine it with jojoba oil and use it as a rub for your back, feet, and chest.

Preventing the Cold and Flu

Eight drops of Norway pine and five drops of sandalwood and honey myrtle is all you need here. Add this blend to an ounce or so of lotion (unscented) and use it as a vapor rub for your chest.

Cold & Flu Blend

This recipe is designed specifically for use in a diffuser and it’s simple. All you need is 15 total drops of three essential oils, that’s just five drops of each – cypress, lavender, and juniper berry.

Nasal Inhalation Eucalyptus

You just need five drops each of eucalyptus and tea tree for this. If you can purchase blank inhalers, then this is ideal. It’s just a homemade nasal stick. Each blank inhaler features a cotton wick or pad at the bottom, just add your oils to this and inhale away. Health Breakthroughs-How Mindset Alters Pain Perceptions Discover unpublicized health secrets, breakthroughs, warnings & from the world's best doctors & research centers.

Immune Boosting

This is a perfect choice if there are ailments going around and you want to keep them away from your home! Start with an ounce of jojoba oil as your carrier and add five drops each of lemon, juniper berry, tea tree, and ravensara/ravinstara, and finish with three drops of peppermint oil. You can rub this on your feet, throat, and chest up to five times a day.

Fighting the Cold

If you have a cold and you want to fight in, then this can help you. You just need unscented lotion to start (around two ounces), add ten drops each of Douglas fir and cypress oil. You will also need three drops of tea tree and five of lemon. You can rub it on your feet, neck, chest, and back.

Vitality Boost

Naturopathy takes a holistic approach to health and healing that looks for ways to keep the mind, body, and soul balanced and healthyTwo ounces of unscented lotion and add your essential oils to it. Four drops of each – vetiver, black spruce, black pepper, helichrysum, laurel, and juniper berry. This can then be applied to your chest, throat, and neck three times each day.


If your immune system is in need of support, then this recipe is yours for the taking. You will want to create this as a bottled blend. It can then be added to a bath, lotion, oil, diffuser, soap or even shampoo. It’s incredibly versatile and a great way to give your immune system a helpful boost. Rosewood is your base oil here, with 10 drops to start, and then five of sandalwood, and two drops each of ravensara/ravinstara and lavender.

Immune Inhaler

If you want a handy blank inhaler recipe for immune support, then this one is more appropriate for you. You can use this as the seasons change or if you feel particularly low on energy. You just need four drops each of rosewood, cedarwood, and vetiver, and two drops each of lavender and sweet orange. healing essential oils, an innovative approach to your health

Immune Strong

You can add the essential oils to an ounce of unscented lotion. It can be applied twice a day for months at a time to help support your overall immune health. You will need five drops each of lavender, Douglas fir, and orange blood, as well as four drops of thyme.

Respiration Relief

This recipe can be used in a blank inhaler, diffuser or you can combine it with an ounce of unscented lotion and use it as a rub. If you use it as a rub, it’s perfect for your back, throat, and chest. It’s especially helpful before bedtime as it can calm your symptoms. It requires five drops each of chamomile, red myrtle, and hemlock.

Cough & Spasms

the elixir of longevity - Discover the inexpensive ways to reclaim your youth and revitalize your vigor!This can help reduce spastic coughs and is combined with unscented lotion (an ounce) as a chest rub that can be applied multiple times a day. Just add 10 drops of hemlock oil, four of bergamot, and three of chamomile.

Long-Term Support

How long-term? Well, you can use this twice a day for six months. The ideal carrier for this is an ounce of jojoba oil. Now, just add your essential oils – six drops each of sandalwood and thyme, as well as four drops each of frankincense and sweet orange.

Calm Support

This topical blend is great for clearing your airways in the midst of a cold. You will need an ounce of jojoba oil and five drops each of orange blood, Douglas fir, and rosewood oils.

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Getting the Best from Healing Essential Oils


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