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14 Herbs Every Woman Should Take

herbs healing property-The power of herbal medicines and home remedies over prescription & over-the-counter drugsMany women today are seeking natural and alternative methods to better health and wellness, and herbs are some of the most popular ways. More and more doctors today support natural health remedies for women, be it to deal with menopause symptoms or PMS and everything in between. The World Health Organization reports that 80% of people worldwide use herbal remedies as part of their overall health care. (Source)

Many issues can affect the natural functions of a woman’s body. These can vary from metabolic interference to hormones and menstrual cycle complications. Often, concerns arise as a result of stress, a lack of exercise, fatigue, or lack of good self-care.  Let’s take a look at the incredible range of natural herbs that are available to you and their benefits.

14 Herbs For Women’s Health

Black Cohosh

Herbal treatment for: Menopausal hot flashes, Irritability, Energy, Fatigue, Moodherbs used for healing black cohoch

This herb’s most common use is related to menopause; specifically, it has been shown to alleviate the intensity of hot flushes that women often experience as one of its key symptoms. Furthermore, Black Cohosh has been found to have positive effects on women when it comes to improving their mood and boosting happiness. It helps reduce irritability and tiredness, making it an ideal herb for anyone who feels stressed or fatigued and needs some all-natural energy.

How do you prepare Black Cohosh?

  • It’s often made into tea, or you can choose to take it in the form of a pill.

Red Clover

Herbal therapy for: Hormonal balance, Menopausal symptoms and Bone strengthBest Herbs for Womens Health red-clover

Red clover is a wild plant that belongs to the legume family.Red clover contains key nutrients: Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chromium, Niacin, Thiamine, Vitamin C.

According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, healthcare practitioners believe red clover to be a diuretic and an expectorant (rids lungs of mucus). It also can boost circulation and help cleanse the liver.

Science has found that this herb contains isoflavones, chemicals found in many plants that mimic the effects of the female hormone estrogen in the body. It is believed that isoflavones may help reduce symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes mainly because they mimic the effects of estrogen, which is depleted during menopause. (Source)

Menopausal women are at higher risk for osteoporosis (brittle bones) mainly due to estrogen drops that occur during menopause. A few studies show promising evidence that Red Clover may not only slow bone loss but boost mineral density in both pre and perimenopausal women.

Muira Puama

Herbal treatment for: Libido, Stress or Lack of Energy

Best Herbs for Womens Health dandelion muira puama

Muira Puama, the native Amazonian plant has gained a reputation for its ability to promote healthy libido levels in women. In fact, it’s referred to as “potency wood” in indigenous cultures of Brazil.

A study investigating its libido-boosting potential involved more than 200 women with low sex drives. They concluded that after one month of taking the herb, 65% of the study subjects reported improved sex, increased desire, and more intense orgasms. (Source) Another study (Ruitenberg et al) found Muira Puama to combat stress.

How do you prepare Muira Puama?

  • Throughout history, Muira Puama was made into a tea, but evidence suggests that the active components in the herb that offer therapeutic benefits are water-insoluble, so a tincture or even pill form is a better way to benefit from its nutrients.

Rou Gui

Herbal therapy for: Cramps, Menstrual symptoms, Warming feeling

herbs used for healing cinnamon stickRou Gui is the medicinal form of cinnamon bark that can be found in health stores everywhere. Some stores may refer to it as medical cinnamon bark or Rou Gui. It’s a perfect option for women who are experiencing cramps during their menstrual cycle. This sweet-tasting product provides women with a feeling of internal warmth, which can be especially comforting during menstrual symptoms.

Furthermore, anyone who finds themselves feeling cold due to conditions related to digestive problems, asthma, or osteoarthritis would love the warming properties that Rou Gui can provide.

Brazilian Suma

Natural herbs for: Menopause, Dark circles under eyes, Energy, Immunity, Libido, General wellness, Hormonal balance, Blood sugar balanceBest Herbs for Womens Health suma brazilian

Suma is the dried root of Pfaffia Paniculata plant that grows in the Amazonian rain forests. Suma has been a part of ancient culture throughout history. Today, Suma is used in the Amazon basin as a general health and wellness enhancer.

The American Pharmaceutical Association’s “Practical Guide to Natural Medicines,” states its berries, leaves, and bark are used for medicinal purposes.

List of the most potent plants that help your body adapt to or cope with stress and alter the body’s response to stress.In the United States, Suma is often referred to as Brazilian ginseng. The American Pharmaceutical Association states that herbalists in the United States believe Suma to improve immune system health, and boost energy. Many herbalists also recommend its use for type 2 diabetes and to balance hormones in menopausal women.

The Natives who originated from the Amazon used Suma to boost libido levels in women. A study conducted in 1999 did find evidence that this herb increased sexual performance and interest in impotent rats. Another 2003 study found Suma to raise progesterone and testosterone levels in mice.

The Mayo Clinic reported a study that found a serum that contained Suma improved the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. (Source)

Suma can be purchased in the form of tablets, dried leaves, or powder from an herb shop

Holy Basil

Herbal medicine for: Headaches, Heart disease, Stress, Sleep problems, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive problems, Weight gain, Memory issues, Loss of focus and concentration

herbs every woman should take for healing basil

Holy Basil, known by many as the Tulsi plant, is recognized as being a potent herb when it comes to alleviating stress. Cortisol, a major stress hormone interferes with the body’s normal functioning and stress in general causes a variety of health risks

Holy Basil helps decrease the production of this hormone and provides a calming effect. This has a significant impact on the mind and how you go about doing your usual activities. You can think clearer and take on more tasks without stress interfering with your quality of life.

Mothers of young children often find that their mental clarity is hindered by the undue amount of stress and responsibilities involved in raising kids. In this case, the holy basil would be at the top of the recommended herbs list.

How do you prepare Holy Basil?

  • You can consume it as a pill or simply use it to make a superb tea.


Herbs for: Love, Libido, Reproductive system health, Balance hormone levels, Stress, Anxiety, MoodBest Herbs for Womens Health ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an herb that originates from India and has been a part of the culture for centuries. The main benefits of this herb for women are boosts in libido and reproductive system health. Ashwagandha targets the endocrine system in helping to balance women’s hormone levels.

Ashwagandha also provides many mental benefits, as it has been found to reduce stress, anxiety and support a happier mood. More and more research is being carried out into this herb, as specialists believe it can be very useful in aiding those suffering from emotional distress and anxiety. (Source)

Tribulus Terrestris

Natural healing herbs for: Libido, Stress, Anxiety, Mood, PMS, Energy

herbs to balance female hormones tribulus terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is used by women during their menstrual cycle to improve mood and alleviate temporal mood swings. This herb also has calming effects, and so helps to ease stress and anxiety. Research also suggests that Tribulus may boost energy because it increases oxygen to cells.

In addition to these tremendous mental benefits, Tribulus Terrestris has also been found useful for sexual function. In a study, where 50 women were given this herb, 49 reported an improved sexual desire. (Source)


Natural herbal medicine for Libido

herbs for female libido catuaba-barkBrazil was the first country to realize the benefits the Catuaba tree could have on their health since the Indians residing there began to use it. The strong aphrodisiac properties of this plant are the most popular reason as to why people use it.

The Tupi Indians utilized it to make teas that were high in this substance and as a result, they encountered healthy libido levels.

Extracts that come from this tree include a chemical called yohimbine, which is what’s responsible for causing such a powerful effect on the libido.


Herbal remedy for: Breast milk production, Blood sugar, Health, Metabolism, NutritionHealth benefits of Fenugreek

Most commonly, this herb is found in the form of seeds that help stimulate breast milk production. Fenugreek also supports blood sugar health and healthy metabolism. (Source) 

Fenugreek is also very nutritious as it contains: Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Beta-carotene


Natural herbal medicine for: Energy, Fertility, LibidoShatavari Kalpa Did You Know Benefits Of Ayurveda Medicinal Herb

Shatavari is an herb that is not commonly known in many countries. It is mainly used by women in India who implement it into their regular health routine. It is believed that Shatavari helps balance hormones, and provides an all-natural energy boost and is therefore useful if you experience sudden increases and decreases in energy. The Shatavari herb can also increase your sex drive and improve fertility.

How do you prepare Shatavari?

  • Typically, this herb is added to milk in powdered form and drank at bedtime.

Chaste Tree Berry

Herbal treatment for: PMS, Hormonal balance, Fertility, Aiding in conceiving complications, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Crampsbest herbs for females Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste tree berry otherwise referred to as Vitex, is one of the top picks when it comes to aiding a woman during her menstrual cycle.

This herb is particularly potent in its ability to regulate hormone, as a result, it can help the brain, and ovaries communicate better to ensure a healthy amount of estrogen is being produced. It may have a significant and useful impact on your health, although, many find the taste to be unpleasant.

Maca Root

Herbal therapy for: Energy, Libido, Immunity, Depression, Osteoporosis, PMS, Menopause, Hormonal balancebest herbs for females Maca Root

The Maca root contains various compounds along with fatty acids and amino acids. The Inca warriors of Peru used to take the Maca herb to increase energy. Nowadays, it is commonly utilized by women to increase libido.

Additionally, women take the Maca root orally for hormonal balance, PMS, menopausal symptoms, weak bones caused by osteoporosis, depression and for immune system health.

How do you prepare Maca?

  • The taste of Maca is regarded by many as pleasant. Using the powdered version makes it effortless to add to drinks and mix into meals. (Source)

Dong Quai

Herbs for Menopause and PMS

Dong Quai Angelica BenefitsDong Quai is an herb that comes from China. Women use it to mitigate common symptoms of menopause, menstruation, and PMS.

Premenstrual syndrome is a complication where women experience an array of psychological and physical problems.

Dong Quai can be advantageous in relieving these symptoms.

Natural remedies-Natural remedies will help your immune system heal faster, without any side effects

Caution About Herbs

Herbs are power plants, and so all precautions should be taken before using them. Many herbs and supplements have not been tested for safety and their effectiveness is not always proven.

The FDA does not regulate supplements. Some herbs may interact with medications and may not be indicated for certain medical condition. It is important to consult with a trained and qualified herbalist to gain insight into proper dosage.

Herbalists also referred to as herbal practitioners and licensed herbalists are professionals specially trained in herbal medicine.You should also consult your doctor before taking any herbs.
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14 Herbs Every Woman Should Take


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