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Tips and Habits to Get You Feeling Younger with More Energy

50 Myths Facts about Aging-Our list of 50 common myths and facts may change your disposition with regards to aging and the elderly feel youngerOne of the most sought-after things among seniors and, likewise, one of the hardest things to achieve is a renewed sense and feeling of youth. Energy, vitality, and both mental and physical agility are hard to hold on to as we age, but not impossible.

By introducing some healthy and positive habits into your regular routine, you can start having more energy and feeling younger in no time. Maintaining both a physically and socially active lifestyle can greatly improve your overall quality of life during your golden years, making them truly feel golden. (Source)

Through this article, we’ll help you with some tips and habits to get you feeling younger and having more energy.

How much sleep do you need for longevity?

what luck of sleep does to youLet’s start with the most fundamentally important area where you can introduce new habits to improve your vitality. Humans require approximately seven hours of sleep each night. It’s a common misconception to think that those who are older require less sleep, but, despite age, every human needs at least seven hours of restful sleep to function optimally.

Making sure you’re getting the ideal quality and quantity of sleep is integral in having more energy, and thus the feeling of being younger. This can be done by introducing and maintaining the following healthy sleep habits:

Go to bed at the same time every night

Introducing this habit conditions your body to have a bedtime. Once you’ve maintained this habit for a little while, you’ll notice that you’ll start to get tired around that time every night, helping ensure you get right to sleep. (Source)Anti Aging Diet for Women over 50Anti Aging Diet for Women over 50 Anti-Aging Food and Drinks, Best Food Choices and Healthy Aging

Don’t eat late at night

Eating late night snacks or having a large dinner later in the evening is not only bad for digestion, but it’s bad for your sleep. Having an earlier dinner and refraining from snacking late at night can help ensure you have a restful sleep. (Source)

Don’t participate in any activity involving a screen within an hour before bed

Our society’s current dependency on technology is hurting our sleep.

Staring at bright screens before bed can make it harder to fall asleep, achieve a fully restful sleep, and harder to stay asleep. 101 Life Hacks About Longevity No matter your age, there is life hack here that will work for you.feel younger

Activities to avoid within an hour before going to bed are watching television, playing video games, browsing on computer or phone, etc.

Don’t do anything but sleep in your bed

Doing pretty much anything other than sleeping in your bed can make it harder for you to follow asleep at night; this includes watching television and even reading. Just like going to bed at the same time every night can condition your body to get tired at that time each day, having a designated sleeping spot will condition your body to grow tired the once you’re in the bed.

Silence your technology

Making sure the notification sounds are turned off on all your devices before going to bed will ensure that you don’t have any disruptions during your sleep cycle, thus ensuring a more restful sleep.


clean eating for digestive healthYou may not believe eating can have any effect on feeling youthful and energetic, but it can be a very important part of it. Food is your energy source, your fuel; it stands to reason that taking in the wrong fuel would lead to less than optimal results in terms of functionality and energy.

The food you eat can affect your entire day and your overall health:

  • it can make you sluggish or energetic,
  • can cause your joints to swell or ache,
  • and can cause muscle pain and stiffness.

As you can imagine, this can lead to a person feeling older and less energetic.

Eating healthy foods and avoiding excess carbs and fats can help ensure your body is functioning at its optimal capability.
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Tips and Habits to Get You Feeling Younger with More Energy


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