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How to find Real Motivation?

Every day people find it difficult to get enough motivation to get through the day. The lack of inner desire to get things done is usually a very daunting experience that can lead to less productivity and people struggling to do even the basic things. However, motivation is all about how one influences the mind and controls it to achieve the goals. If you also go through a similar phase and want to know how to find real motivation then just keep on reading.

Before I tell you some awesome ways to reel in inspiration, you must know what causes the lack of motivation. When we look for the opposite words of motivation, we get words such as discouragement, depression, dislike and difficulty to name a few. In fact, all of these reasons can be attributed to our lack of doing something.

We might be discouraged about a particular thing, we may be depressed because of something, or we might find that something is too difficult for us to do or we may have a general disliking towards something. So basically all of these or even one of these reasons may be causing you the lack of willpower.

Coming back to motivation, people find it hard to stick to a routine. They find it difficult to feel happy about how they look or feel, or basically, it can be anything that can suppress their will to do something. In this case, the biggest question is – how to find real motivation. It is all about the mind – the power of the mind. However, let’s see the ways that can help you sort out your habit of procrastination.

– What makes you want to quit?

The first step to getting rid of your motivation problem is to find out the reason that makes you think that it’s ok to quit. We all know that the world is a difficult place and not everyone is good. However, what matters is how you take your steps and face your obstacles. If you feel depressed, pump up your mind with better thoughts and hang out with people who make you happy and are happy to be around you.

– What’s your goal?

The second step to find your real motivation is to look up to your final goal. Once you know what you want from yourself or what you want to achieve, it will be easy for you to backtrack from your goal and you would be able to figure out a better way to complete the job.

Remember, your goal should be the completion, not winning. If you take it easy with your goals and resolution and complete them, you would be a much happier soul.

– Commit to your resolution

When you sort out your initial problem, all you need to do is commit to your goal, your resolution. For this, you might need to tell your family, friends or colleagues so that you have a steady support always around you. Having people help you by encouraging is always a plus point.(Source)
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