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5 Effective Ways to Change Your Behavior and Improve Your Life


With this generation’s fast-paced lifestyle, we sometimes forget how we carry ourselves in our everyday lives. How we do things either under pressure or just having a lie low method of doing them has an effect on our overall life however small it might seem. We enumerated here the list of five effective ways to change your behavior that might help in improving your life:

  1. Practice in waking up early

The earlier you wake up, the more things you could potentially do for the entire day, and the more productive you can be. You could even do that extra stuff that you can’t usually do if you aren’t racing with time. Following this simple equation will show you its fruit as the days pile up. By taking additional note, a HuffPost contributor named Andrew Merle already listed several successful people around the world who wake up early every morning and it will be good to learn from them.

  1. Determine what you WANT to do and what you NEED to do

Some people find it hard distinguishing the things they really need versus the things they want and they usually jumble these things up. To put it in simpler terms, needs are the essential things for survival like what is modeled in the updated version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs while the wants may not be that essential but could be used as the support for those needs. Simply by knowing this fact and properly categorizing stuff under them, you can learn what your priorities should be and do a more logical and efficient approach on how to fulfill them.

  1. Plan ahead and take physical notes

Planning ahead will give you an earlier overview of the things that need to be done and also helps in allotting some time frame in between the tasks. This behavior will help you become more flexible in time management, especially in those special cases when an urgent task suddenly shows up. Since you planned ahead and allotted some space, your schedule has a lesser chance to be clogged up. Making physical notes for it will reduce stress as well as free up your mind’s memory storage so you can use it for other stuff.

  1. Talk to people and surround yourself with good ones

Talking to people will not only help in controlling stress and anxiety levels, but it may also help in reevaluating yourself and the things you do in life. Just make sure you don’t stay in a toxic community because it will just slow you down or even halt the progress of your growth. It is really not an excuse if you are an introverted type of person because there are now technologies that let you easily communicate with good and intellectual people even across borders and seas. What is important here is the shared knowledge and values you can either gain from or give to those people you talk to and you yourself will be able to weigh them for improving oneself.

  1. Work hard, Play hard

This last item is about one of the ways of seizing own life and balancing it on the way, even if there are things that you have no control of like work/class schedules. We all know the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That quote may seem to only pertain to working without rest, but it may also work the other way around where we could pull ourselves out if we just play or rest without having any productive things done. Work hard – just focus on working/studying when at work/school so you can always look forward to “playing hard” after working/studying while still producing quality progress and result. Play hard – when it’s time for rest, do it! You’ve earned it.

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5 Effective Ways to Change Your Behavior and Improve Your Life


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