Finally, Simple Nutrition Advice 
How To Finally Lose the Weight (and Keep It Off), Beat Chronic Disease, and Slow Down Father Time...

​... All by simply practicing a specific way of eating that big food companies hate


Why You'll Love This Course:

​What You Are Eating Now Is Probably SAD ... and This Means Poor Health

​SAD is an acronym that appropriately describes the Standard American Diet. This is the typical diet people enjoying in most modern societies.

This way of eating only leads to

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mental fog
  • Heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • Overall poor health
  • A possibly shorter lifespan
    and many other problems

Clean eating is the exact opposite, offering you…

  • A natural way to maintain a healthy weight without counting carbs, calories or measuring food
  • Great natural energy
  • Superior brain power and focus


Here's what you get in your no-fluff, straight-answer, ​ online ​Course...

  • ​ A definition of clean eating and what clean eating is not
  • The definition of processed food
  • How losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight greatly boosts mental and physical health
  • The miracle of whole food    
  • What foods to eat and avoid for much better health
  • How a clean diet with whole food helps you lose weight    
  • How you can eat more and weigh less
  • What to eat on a clean diet    
  • A typical day of clean eating    
  • How to effortlessly get healthy dietary fiber into your body, providing a number of weight loss and heart healthy benefits
  • 5 action tips to get started clean eating the right way
  • A proven plan of action for dealing with junk food cravings
  • Tips to get started with clean eating    
  • How to maintain weight loss for life    
  • Whole food shopping guidelines    
  • And much more

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