Medicinal Herbs & Spices

A Beginners Reference to Medicinal Herbs & Spices

ATTENTION: Looking for safe, natural alternatives to possibly harmful drugs and pills?

Medicinal Herbs & Spaces

So You Can Avoid Possibly Expensive, Sometimes Frightening, Side-Effect-Laden
Pills and Drugs!

In A Beginner’s Reference to Medicinal Herbs & Spices, you will discover …

  • The 10 “must have” medicinal herbs and spices that naturally treat dozens of common health problems.
  • 6 herbs and spices for relief from arthritis pain.
  • 5 nature-based treatments for vibrant, healthy, strong, young-looking skin.
  • The frustrating weed in your garden that effectively treats digestive disorders.
  • 3 nature-based answers to migraines and headaches.
  • The 4 main schools of herbalism that influence (and predate) modern Western medicine.
  • Spices and herbs to add to your meals for natural weight loss.
  • The 5,000-year old practice for cleansing, purifying and balancing the human body.
  • 9 herbal medicines to treat mood disorders and emotional ups and downs.
  • The ancient Chinese healing practice that uses medicinal herbs and spices to stimulate your life force energy.
  • 3 herbal treatments for lowering blood pressure and 5 natural answers to high cholesterol.
  • An alphabetized list of safe and effective herbs and the specific health problems they can prevent or treat.