The Power of Positive Thinking & Supercharge Positivity of Life

The Power of Positive Thinking & Supercharge Positivity of Life Ignite Your Personal Power. If you feel powerless in any area of your life, this information-packed, fluff-free report gives you the knowledge you need to get your power back. Develop emotional wellness skills, Decision Making SkillsThe wonderful thing about positivity is that it doesn’t just affect one area of your life. It affects every area. Depending on your personality and your upbringing, you may not believe that your happiness matters.

Building More Positivity

One of the best things you can do to boost your happiness is to build more positivity into your life. The good news is this isn’t difficult or complicated. There are a few things you can do to add more positive experiences and fun into your life.

But the happier you are, the more you lean into the best version of yourself. This creates a ripple effect—when you’re filled with joy and peace, you become a better parent, a better spouse, a better friend, a better employee, or a better entrepreneur.

So, how exactly does positivity affect you? Here are just a few of the ways…

Positivity makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. That’s because when you’re a positive frame of mind, you can make better decisions. You can look ahead and plot a course, rather than just reacting to the setbacks you encounter.Living the Legendary Purpose Driven Life-video-course

It’s also easier to ask for help when you’re feeling positive. This means when you see an obstacle in your path, you’re more likely to reach out to a mentor or coach for advice. Soaking in their wisdom can be just what you need to overcome your obstacle and find success.(Source)

Making Room for More Happiness in Your Life

Positivity improves your health. One way that positivity can boost your health is by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. When you’re experiencing negative emotions like anger or fear, your body will begin producing adrenaline, the flight-or-fight hormone. This is a great mechanism when you’re faced with an emergency like a serious car accident or house fire.

But when you’re faced with something less intense like turning a report into your boss or having a serious discussion with your spouse, that adrenaline response just isn’t helpful. Fortunately, positivity makes it easier to relax and manage stress, so you don’t have to spend the day feeling like you’re on a roller coaster.

Develop Emotional Wellness Skills and Power of Positive ThinkingPositivity increases your satisfaction in life. It’s easy to get focused on everything that’s wrong in the world and it’s tempting to spend your time looking at what everyone else has. But all of that wishing and jealousy is just another form of negativity.

When you choose to embrace positive thoughts and focus on the things you’re grateful for, you stop comparing yourself. Instead, you can see all the amazing things around you—like your friends, family, and pets.

Positivity helps you grow. Positivity can be useful by prompting you to take risks and try new things. For example, you might experiment with taking piano lessons and discover that you love the instrument or you might try running and find your new favorite exercise routine.

Of course, being positive and taking a risk doesn’t mean everything will turn out the way you’d hoped. But even if it doesn’t and you maintain a positive outlook, you’re still sure to walk away with valuable experience and wisdom that you can share.

How  the Power of Positive Thinking  Affects Your Relationships?

Social Connections and LongevityPositivity doesn’t just affect you. It also affects the people that are around you, too. When you’re feeling positive and filled up with joy, you can’t help but share that with others. Here’s how four people focused on positivity and started or improved their relationships

Chad’s Story

As a child, Chad stuttered. He worked hard to overcome it but by the time he did, he’d already been bullied because of it. This left him feeling shy and afraid of connecting with new people.(Source)

But when he met a friend of a friend at a party, Chad knew he wanted to ask her out. He was terrified to take the chance but then Chad thought about the summer he’d learned to surf.

Even though the activity scared him at first, he enjoyed it now. So, he decided to take a chance and ask her anyway. She said yes and they ended up dating for two years before they got engaged.

Terry’s Story

How to Express Feelings-While it’s important to express emotions, if you are constantly angry, this can be harmful to your health.Terry was a successful woman working in sales. She loved her job and competing with her co-workers for commissions. But when a new woman was hired, Terry felt insecure and jealous. She was worried the other woman would be able to outsell her.

Then Terry remembered how uncertain and scared she’d felt when she first joined the company. She’d desperately wished for a mentor so instead of being negative to the new hire, Terry took her under her wing. She became a mentor and business coach to the other woman even after they both left the company.

Robert’s Story

Robert had been in a relationship with a woman for a year and a half. Eventually, they began talking about creating a future together and Robert started picking fights with his girlfriend.

He didn’t realize it until she said there was a problem. She explained that she loved him but his negativity was hurting their relationship. If he wanted to commit fully, he needed to focus on this next step as a positive event.

Laura’s Story

Power of Positive Thinking- When you worry about what others think, you will likely miss opportunities. But, who are they to judge?Laura was intimidated by some of the other moms she saw at the preschool her children attended. One always seemed to have everything together. Laura felt like she was failing whenever she compared herself to the other woman.(Source)

Then she thought about she had a professor in college who recommended becoming friends with the people that intimidate you. So, Laura took a deep breath and invited the other woman out to coffee with her. To her surprise, the woman said yes and it was the start of a beautiful friendship between the two families.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone new and start a conversation. You never know where it might lead. The person you talk to could go on to become a wise mentor, a kind friend, or a beloved client.

If you’re already in a relationship, consider how your mindset might be affecting it. Are you letting thoughts about what could go wrong keep you from fully committing? Do you find yourself nitpicking a potential partner or friend because you’re afraid of being vulnerable?

Remember, acknowledging your mindset is the first step to creating a positive outlook. You can’t replace negative thoughts overnight but you can begin working on it, one moment at a time.

4 Techniques for Developing a Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of positive thinking A positive mindset can be yours if you believe it can be. Some people think they’re just born negative or that it’s part of their personality and they can’t change that. But these people are mistaken. Anyone can chance their outlook with the right tools and some time. If you’re struggling to develop a more positive mindset, try using one of these techniques…

Don’t Be Afraid to Streak

When you do a certain number of activities in a row, your brain gets a tiny boost of endorphins. Game creators know this which is why many online games require you to “chain” an action. For example, during a cooking game, you may have to chop the vegetables, stir the soup, and serve it to a customer. When you do those same actions repeatedly, your brain releases endorphins as if you’d done the same thing in the real world, instead of the virtual one.(Source)

Now that you know this secret, you can use it to your advantage. If your goal is to get healthier, track your water consumption and try to hit 8 glasses a day. If your aim is to build your online business, attempt to write one blog post every day. If your intention is to improve your relationship with your significant other, then make it a goal to do three kind things for them each day.

Change Your Language

Power of Positive Thinking. Change your body language to exude confidence and strength in any situationThe average human has around 40,000 thoughts a day and the clear majority of them are negative. But the good news is that boosting your positivity can be as simple as changing your thoughts.

Start listening for certain keywords in your mental soundtrack and change them. For example, instead of thinking, “I suck at graphic design,” focus on the positive by saying, “I’m learning to improve my graphic design skills.”

When it comes to your mindset, look for phrases like: never, hopeless, impossible, too late, not enough, or worthless. You may not realize it but when you think these words, you’re sending a subtle message to yourself that’s filled with negativity.

Be Open to Change

Many people associate change with something negative. For example, you might think of a move to another city only in terms of what you’re giving up like your local friends, your favorite deli, and your comfortable apartment.

But change can also bring amazing things into your life, too. People with a positive outlook know this and that’s why they don’t fear change. They choose to embrace it. If you’re worried about an upcoming change, make a list of positive things that could happen as a result.(Source)

View Everything as an Experiment

Free Yourself & Improve Your Life with a Power of Positive ThinkingIt’s easy to approach life like it’s a test and there’s only one right answer. But the truth is there can be many answers and all of them can be right, depending on where you find yourself right now. For example, you might think that trying a new vacation spot is a terrible idea. You go to the same beach every summer and you like it that way. But what if your soulmate is hiking the Grand Canyon and you miss each other because you weren’t willing to change your plans.

You don’t have to love something new when you try it. But you do need to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Go ahead and take that art class you’ve been dreaming of, ask out that cute guy at your office, or go on a road trip adventure with your best friend.

Developing a more positive mindset won’t feel natural at first. It might even seem a bit cheesy to you. But if you keep reaching for the positive, you will experience the power of positive thinking and radical mindset shift in the coming weeks.

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The Power of Positive Thinking & Supercharge Positivity of Life